Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two Circumstances

:: Necessary Preamble ::
   Greetings... I've been remiss as of late in sending out updates of the postings. The last mass messaged posting related to an impending time zone change for the city of San Francisco. This was my addition to this year's April Fools tomfoolery. Shortly after that I posted a follow up blog describing where exactly the comedy was in the April Fools day post. This later followed by a rousing post about the taste of oatmeal and which artistic endeavor was most similar to the bland sludge that is McDonald's oatmeal.

There have been many goings on of late. Work is going well. I have a distinguished collection of vodkas, which I hope, would be proof to anyone with even an inclination toward the clear, Russian indulgence that Grey Goose is not the best in vodkas. Some people are snooty about beers, and many more about their wines, whereas a few of us (outside of Russia) prefer a sip or two of vodka chilled from the hoary frost of the darkest tundra (aka your freezer, in modern parlance).

In the past year I have travelled to strange lands (Las Vegas) and foreign shores (Madrid and Berlin/Potsdam). I have slain mighty beasts (the little flies that accumulate in the garbage when you forget to take it out) and constructed a chamber so sumptuous as to light the hidden fires of even the most modest of women (it’s a nice bed really made from 2”x6” boards with a lovely, embroidered fabric on top... and its affect on the elegant gender... ummm, I may have indulged in just a wee amount of hyperbole... okay, I lied. Totally.)

The First Circumstance...
Two new circumstances are occurring in Life at this moment that seemed to have crept out from nowhere. I’m often a rambling, roving, unsettled kind of guy. I’ll move one place for a while then another and another and another, never staying long enough to leave an indelible mark on the physical location but just long enough to make lifetime friends. With as much moving as I’ve done, I can do that pretty quickly by now. Don’t worry, it’s not a race, but I would totally win. With all seriousness, or at least as much as I can muster, I’ve decided to chart one of these very important, newly arrived, Life circumstances using a rubber chicken graph. The first newly arrived circumstance is that of nesting. The rubber chicken graph below clearly explains my nesting trends over the past eighteen years.

“The Rubber Chicken Graph, originally conceived by Steve Martin. In this graph we see the largest rubber chicken with boxing gloves represents the nesting trend while in California. It’s important to note the position of the cloud in relation to the sun.”

The Second Circumstance...
The second, and equally impactful Life circumstance to surface recently, is an old habit which I’d enjoyed most of my Life and over the past 10 years I’d lost track of, my art. I won’t write much about it as conversation about art is never a good replacement for art.
The first set of illustrations are a series of portraits I’ve been working on

The next set of illustrations shows a progression of images from initial sketches to current state.

~ Game Art ~
Some friends and I are working on a game for cell phones. What follows is a series of illustrations from the early art phase of the game. The first set is a series of random character studies.

The next set is from the same game set, but are a series of vehicle illustrations.

~ A Tattoo for a Friend ~
A friend of mine has asked me to design a tattoo for him. It will eventually end up on his right arm. It is based largely on symbols used throughout the Dark Tower series, by Steven King. It's still a work in progress, as are most of the illustrations in this post, but it's a welcome start to an old practice.

Lastly, the beginning of what may, or may not, turn out to be a comic... (done with pencil, and art markers on watercolor paper)