Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lightning Sketch - Burning Sensation

Preamble - Lightning Sketch
This is a submission for an online writers group. The purpose of the assignment is to write about a phrase for ten minutes, and then submit the writing. You can find the group at Stack Exchange.
The phrase to write about:
  • Burning Sensation

The Submission
She lit the fire, and it burned. She lit the match, and it too burned. She lit the world from a fire deep within and watched the pyre burn.

Four years before, it started. Four years are gone now as time ebbed from flame to water to flame, from present to all but forgotten. These were four years of hope and passion and a desire to see him - not for the trivial pursuits of those without ambition or purpose, nor to build an empire from triumphant endeavors or shadowed malfeasance - but to experience him again, as she once had with a fire so deep that she never forgot, and never surrendered to the hostility of complacence or normalcy.
When once four years gone were present to us as they were to her she met such a man to light a fire, to play with matches, to set the world alight with a beautiful passion. This is where the infective bug of an idea, of shared experience, found first the woman who remembers fires and who, to this day, still burns for the fire starter.

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